The bond between all living beings on our planet is such a special one…I don’t think anyone can truly understand the world until they appreciate that. It’s not a case of humans and animals co-existing, or “us” versus “them”, but all of us learning to respect each other’s nature.

I’ve been vegetarian for the last three years, and, in hind sight, wish I had chosen this path much sooner in life. I’ve always loved animals, but there is a spiritual change once one chooses to see them as the beautiful creatures they are, instead of as mere sources of food.

For those of you wondering what I do…

I often get asked what exactly I do for a living, only to be given a blank look when I say, “I’m an Application Performance Management specialist.” The following set of short explanatory videos will hopefully clear up some of the confusion.

I work with the Compuware APM tool set, comprising the Data Centre Real User Monitoring (DCRUM), dynaTrace Deep Transaction Analysis and Gomez SaaS product lines.