About me

As a child, I was fascinated by everything around me. Places, people, animals, history, languages, art and travel were the things I dreamt about. Nothing bored me. A natural introvert, I came across as shy, but deep down I’ve always been driven by a sense of adventure and a passionate curiosity. I wanted to understand as much of everything as I possible could.

Born in what was then South West Africa, now Namibia, my schooling took me from there to South Africa for a short while, before I ended up in the UK. Initially, my shyness caused teachers to say I’d never learn to read, but once I had settled down I quickly embraced everything they taught me. My broad interests covered everything from languages, sciences, arts and history, all subjects that fascinate me to this day.

A move to Germany in the 1980’s saw me yet again indulging my thirst for knowledge by not only becoming proficient in German, but also getting my first taste of computers and the technology that I would later turn into my career.

Starting with BASIC programming on the Apple ][ and Algol on the school’s Unix computer, I was hooked. Together with my love of physics and chemistry, I knew computers and science would be an important part of my future.

A final move back to South Africa took me to university, where I started off by studying aeronautical engineering, before switching over to computer science and operations research before I finally graduated.

Today, I’m an IT professional in Johannesburg, South Africa. With over 30 years’ experience in such varied fields as aeronautical engineering, journalism, technical support, product management, web hosting, web design and application performance management, I’ve always tried to follow a path that indulged my many interests. I’m anything but a stereotypical IT geek.

My work involves application performance analysis and optimisation, which I find both challenging and rewarding.

In recent years, my lifelong love of animals and a desire for deeper understanding of life have led me to embrace veganism and Buddhist meditation.