What do I do?

I often get asked what exactly I do for a living, only to be given a blank look when I say, “I’m an Application Performance Management specialist.”

What is Application Performance Management?

Well, APM, as it is commonly referred to, is the analysis of software, with the aim of identifying its performance bottlenecks and the root cause of any underlying issues. My interest in the field springs from my training in engineering and operations research, where process optimisation always fascinated me. Add to that my interest in software development, and APM was a natural fit for me.

My employer, Mediro ICT, is a regional franchise of Dynatrace, which in turn evolved from Compuware.  I work with several different tools, all of which have been developed to approach APM from a different perspective, be it on-premise or cloud-native, depending on the particular software architecture or requirements of the client. These tools include Dynatrace Managed SaaS, Application Monitoring with User Experience Monitoring (UEM) and Synthetic Monitoring.

The following videos offer some great insights into APM:

If you have any questions about APM, oyu’re welcome to send me a message.